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Welcome to Burnouts Australia Magazine, a new and exciting magazine dedicated to the fastest growing form of motorsport in Australia – Burnouts!

Our aim has been to create a magazine that covers all aspects of the Burnout Scene, from the big cars, down to the up and comers, all the events, news, future cars, and all the characters that make our sport so unique.

Burnouts Australia Magazine was unveiled in November 2015 and has been a huge success, not only in magazine sales but in social media where our Facebook page has grown to 89,400 likes. To promote our magazine and reach our demographic we’ve sponsored some of the biggest burnout events around the country, with Gazzanats WA, Brashernats NSW, Tread Cemetery, AspoNATS, Northern Nats QLD and Burnout Outlaws just to name a few.  

On top of this, we have a website (of course) and our Instagram page.

Thank you for considering Burnouts Australia Magazine when advertising in print media, we hope our relationship is long and prosperous!


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